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 Guild Charter!

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PostSubject: Guild Charter!   Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:55 am

I. General Guild Info

Guild Master: Mastrgamr
Co-Leaders: N/A (Will be raised depending on guild size)
Amount of $ in Treasury: N/A
Members: 1 of 50 so far (guild limit of 50 members will be raised)
Guild Level (avg level): 0 (0)
Faction: Asmodian ONLY (subject to change)
Clan Political status: Neutral

II. Guild Purpose and Expectations

I. Purpose ::
The Forgotten is one of those guilds that is very structured and strict. Forgotten is not a "team", or "clan", it is a fully pledged Guild! I believe a guild has more structure and that is one thing the Forgotten can offer. Do not confuse structure with no life players in a guild that is never offline. Even though you must strictly abide by our rules doesnt mean you can't have fun. This guild is also a community.

II. Expectations ::
As a guild there are usually alot of things that will be expected from you as a member, but this guild is different. The main expectations of you as a member is to strictly follow and accept the rules that are put in place. Rules are negotiable to insure that your stay in the guild is a happy one. I would expect you to be active and loyal . Without activeness and loyalty the guild will become corrupt. If there is something in the guild that you do not like simply suggest a solution in the forums.

III. Heirarchy

[color:b354="Red"]Guild Master -
•In charge of all things that happen in the guild.
•Everything that happens in the guild, the guild master should know about it ASAP.

[color:b354="DarkOrange"]Co-Leader -
•Helps the guild master with half of the guild affairs.
•Roster management, member activeness, and whatever job the guild master bestowes.

[color:b354="Orange"]Treasurer -
•Keeps track of the guild's funds.
•The treasurer must let the guild master be kept up to speed with the guild's economy.
•The treasurer will be Very closley watched after and any suspicion of the treasurer messing around with the guild's money will strip the person of his job or most likely guild membership (then placed on KoS).

[color:b354="Lime"]Guild Officer -
•Helps keep the guild master on top of guild affairs (sort of like the US President's cabinet member).
•The guild officer will also be in charge of inforcing the rules.

[color:b354="Yellow"]Member -
•Must follow all rules and remain an active guild participant.

IV. Applying

To apply to the Forgotten please go to our guild's forums and fill out an application. If you would like to apply for a higher rank (co-lead, officer, etc.) you must fill out an application for the position (coming soon to forums). Soon as part of joining the guild your will be required to get a recommendation by a member or official.
=Any member of the Rappelz guild may get instant membership. But still must apply to higher ranked postions of the Aion guild. (applications for higher ranks coming soon)
Current Guild needs:
Templar x 6
Knight x 6
Cleric x 7
Chanter x 7
Sorcerer x 5
Spiritmaster x 6
Assassin x 6
Ranger x 6

V. Alliances

Depending on the game's features, more information on alliances will come. If there is an alliance created:
I would expect that if there is a PK problem everyone from a guild in the alliance will comply with dealing with the issue. Whether it be KoS or figuring out how to deal with it in the forums.

VI. Roster

[color:b354="Red"]Guild Master - Mastrgamr

VII. Rules and Regulations

I. Rules and regulations (subject to be changed depending on guild)-
1.1. Guild chat is your playground. You may use any language you want. BUT you must be respectful to players and never use racial slurs. Doing so will get you prompty removed from the guild.
1.2. No Botting or Hacking at anytime!
1.3. Scamming other players.
1.4.No PKing even though the guild is surrounded around the innovative PvP/PK system I would like the guild to be in a neutral stance against the server. If you would like to PK you must get permission from a high ranked guild official.
1.5. Donations are gladly accepted and can go a long way for the guild. If you would like to donate an item or money to the guild to help improve. It will be gladly accepted, especially if its weapon or armors that you do not use or need.
1.6. Partying is best to help the guild grow and find out members strengths and weaknesses for a raid situation.
1.7. You may represent our guild and give our guild a good reputation. Respect other players to help acheive this goal.
1.8. TeamSpeak or Ventrilo are very recommended programs that is encouraged for you to use. If you are an active raiding member or guild official it will be soon required for you to have these, that means blow the dust off those microphones!
1.9. Guild officials other than the Guild Master have the option of removing a guild member ONLY IF the member violates a CLARIFIED RULE. If the violation is not specified by the rules then it will be carried onto guild court and discussed with the Guild Master present. If a guild official go on a kicking spree the person will be promptly removed from the guild.

2.1. No Heroic acts. To help keep the raid situation under control no member is allowed to break of from a group and show-off!
2.2. If an official tells a member of a group to do something that he/she and the guild master thinks is beneficial to the situation, do it with no questions asked.
2.3. Teamwork is a must. Strategies will be discussed on the guild's forums for the most effective raid.

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Guild Charter!
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