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 Pet Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Pet Farming Guide   Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:15 am

Not sure how accurate this is, but I thought it might help

common -> basic

Skell Figther 30-33, Lake Messy
Skeleton 33-35, Mourning Graveyard *
Skeleton 35-37, Dead Spirit's Altar
Toxic Skell 40+, Wolha Cemetery*
Toxic Skell 49-52, Wolha Cemetery*

skeleton ___, 33-35, blue - player 36
sleleton ____,49-52, white


Orc Leader 30-31, Harvesting Woods
Boarman Orc 32+, Harvesting Woods
Orc Berserker 35-38, east side of Ivory Tower*
Orc Lord 75-79, west side "Coast" of Palmir Plateau *

orc ___, 76, blue + orc lord, 78, white x 5
orc ___, 32, white


Yeti Berk 33-36, Magical Experimental Field
Yeti 34-36, Ivory Tower*
Theta clawed 60-65, south side of Siren's Island*
Yeti Whisker 79+, north side of Palmir Plateau*
Yeti Primes 90+ Crystal Mountain *

Crude thetaclaw 60, white, lvl 59 player x6
yeti ___, 79 white palmir x2
yeti lvl 36 at ivory tower, white x3
yeti lvl 85+, white, lvl 88 x2


Siren Child 41-50, Siren's Island*
Siren Queen ~110, Crystal Coast

* confirmed
siren at lake of silence, 43, white

Water Pixie:

Blue Pixie/crystal 31-35, eastside of Laksy Anchor*
Petals 50-55, eastside of Rondo* (me)
Blue Pixie 50-56, westside of Pitch Black Woods -
Quartz/Crystal Pixie 72-75 [++], Con 1+ of Crystal Valley

petal 55, white for 55 x many time
blue pixie, 34- light blue- player lvl37 x many times

Red Pixie:

Firefly 43-45, eastside of Templar Headquarters *
Fire Wing 53-54, Fairy's Woods
Will o' Wisp 62-65 South of Rondo
Fiery Pixie 73-75, westside of Ceriu Desert

red pixie - firefly -lvl45- white-player lvl 46 x 3

Salamander :

Petit Salamander ~55, southside of Rondo*
arawana, 55+, eastside of ceriu desert *
Salamander ~60, Ancient Ruins *
Doubleside Salamander 70+, westside of Ceriu Desert* (me)
Salamander ~120, Mare Village

salamander, white, 60 in the desert, 62 mage x 2
nimble salamander, white, 60
doubleside sala, 70, white x 2, orange x 1
arawana, various types, 5?, white x 3
crown sweetrip, 65? boss, white x 1

uncommon-> common
Ent :

Ent ~130, central and westside of Marduka's Realm

Hawkman :

Hawkman ~75, northside of Palmir Plateau*

crude tallon, ???, white x 1

White Lydian:

no info yet

rare -> uncommon

Angel 80+, northside of Palmir Plateau
50+ angel in fairy's woods, laksy*
Cursed Angel 42, near lizardman habitat*

50+ angel in fairies woods, laksy
Cursed Angel 42, white, near lizardman habitat x 2 <-- supposedly this bug was fixed with the patch 8/14

15+ kentaurs north of laksy, white *
Celebs 79+, Needleleaf Forest
kentaurus boss, magical experimental field lv 39?*


15+ kentaurs north of laksy - note this is a bug that will be fixed
kentaurus boss, lvl 39, white*

White Dragon :

White Dragon 100+, eastside of Crystal Coast
White Dragon 80 [++], Con 2+ of Crystal Valley
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PostSubject: Re: Pet Farming Guide   Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:16 am

To make it easier, if you want to know where and what levels:

Pet Drop Locations

It is a big picture... and shows you everything you want/need. I was actually going to do something like this myself on the forums. Good work there Tuarok, yours is more informative than mine was going to be.

I should be able to keep that image hosted for a while, its on my server at work, so it should be there for a while.
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Pet Farming Guide
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