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 What class to Choose?

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PostSubject: What class to Choose?   Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:09 am

**2nd Job details Coming soon!**
If you are new to the game or just trying to find out basic information about the classes of rappelz then look no further.


Dark Magi (a.k.a DM):
•Known for being the strongest M.Attacker. (in the game)
•Lowest HP, cant take damage to save your life.
•MP is hard to get in the lower levels of being a Magi, but after Jlvl 25 getting MP potions will be thing of the past.

Sorcerer (a.k.a Sorc):
•Known for the best pet breeder. (of the asurans race)
•Above average HP, and MP.
•Takes a very very well amount of damage. (if trained right)

•Known for being the best P.Attacker.
•Has average amount of HP. Not known for having alot of MP, MP is not very needed for a strider.
•Takes good damage.


•Known for caring for other classes. (Buffing to make them stronger, or healing)
•Below average HP, But makes up for it in the Healing skill. MP is above average.
•Damage is not a real problem with clerics. (*cough*healing*cough-cough*)

Holy Warrior (a.k.a HW):
•Known for being the best in P.Defense and HP. (in the game)
•High HP, MP is average.
•Has ability to take ALOT of damage. (known as "Tanking")

•Known for being the best pet tamer and pet breeder. (in the game)
•Has average HP and MP.
•Takes average amount of damage.


•Known for being the best P.Attacker. (of the deva race)
•Has good amount of HP, average MP.
•Takes above average amount of damage.

Spell Singer:
•Known for being the best pet breeder. (of the deva race)
•Has above average HP, and MP.
•Takes a good amount of damage.

•Known for being a good P.Attacker and Healer
•Has Average amount of HP, below average MP that has to be monitored.
•Takes a good amount of damage (considering you can heal yourself).
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What class to Choose?
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