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 How to equip a pet Weapon/Armor!

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PostSubject: How to equip a pet Weapon/Armor!   Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:14 am

**Video coming Soon!**
How to Equip a Weapon/Armor to a pet.

Needed items to equip a Weapon/Armor to a pet:

•Pet level 20
•Your weapon of choice for the pet. (there are certain wepons for certain pets)
•A Unit card (buyable at a mainland merchant NPC)

When epuipping a weapon or armor to a pet you need to have the weapon that goes with its level. So if the pet is below level 20 DO NOT put any Rank 2 weapon on it (until it's level 20). Once you get the needed items for your pet.

Steps to equipping:
•Level up the weapon/armor to the level you want
•Combine the item and unit card together (use basic combination by opening your inventory window, and there will be a button in the bottom of the inventory, drag the weapon and unit card into the combination window and press ok, the combined card will appear in the inventory window)

After you combine the unit card and leveled your weapon to the level you want.
•Press Alt+Y
•Open you inventory
•Drag the combined unit card to your pet and press ok

Once you completed all these steps, your pet will be a lot stronger.

Congratulations on the Equipping.
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How to equip a pet Weapon/Armor!
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