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 Leveling and OB you and your pet:

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PostSubject: Leveling and OB you and your pet:   Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:16 am

This is a very hazy topic. Yet very important for those who want the most out of their pet, or character! This information is what I have acquired from talking to those in the guild, reading forums, and asking questions. If you know any of this to be incorrect, or just not quite accurate, please inform me so I can make the adjustments!

There are three levels to a pet, and all are the same. Evolution 1(upto lvl 50-60), Evolution 2(upto lvl 100-115), and Evolution 3(lvl 100-115 and higher).

I am a little fuzzy on what exactly 'Over Breading' is exactly... but I have been reading on when to do it. The same applies to your pet, and yourself.

For your character: It is said to be good to keep your Jlvl close to your actual lvl. R2 it should be relatively easy to keep within 4 jlvls of your actual lvl. From my understanding, it is best to reach Jlvl 50 BEFORE your second job change. It will give you a small stat bonus.

For your pet: When getting ready to evo your pet, do so at lvl 60, and OB right before your next Evo lvl. This part is hazy... and I expect SOMEONE with knowledge of pets and OB to jump in and help clear this section up.

There are important things to think about when you are lvling your pet. You get one jp every lvl, so you have to spend it wisely right? What is the purpose of your pet? Tank/DD? It is a very good idea to spend your jp on passive skills to increase Def/Spd/Evasion and/or HP/MP. This greatly improves the endurance of your pet. Failing to do so can endup gimping your pet... Like my poor Pantera... Hits hard and fast!!! But passes out at the sight of blood...
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling and OB you and your pet:   Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:02 pm

I always max the important Passive skills of my pet before I can even think about my pet's actives.

My suggestion when OBing you pet is to stop leveling skills at level 40, it will help when you evolve your pet so you will have JP left over to increase the passives already maxed at evo 1.

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Leveling and OB you and your pet:
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