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 Liquid Cooling: Quick and easy setup.

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PostSubject: Liquid Cooling: Quick and easy setup.   Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:05 pm

I just finished my LQ setup on my computer, and thought I'd post something for any others looking to LQ their computer. If you are looking for a cheap and easy setup.......forget the cheap part, because you really are just going to hurt yourself or your computer.

I'm not saying you can't get by for a reasonable price, but 'cheap' isn't it. I'll give some links to a good, and very easy, setup for those new to LQ or those that just want something better than air that won't cost them an arm, leg, and someone's first born.

For a good LQ system, you want a radiator in between each component(i.e. radiator->CPU->radiator->GPU->etc). That will help eliminate any serious hot spots. For a quick idea of what I did, I used an Antec 900 case, with 2 video cards in SLI. I use 3 120mm radiators and fans. It keeps my processor at 26c idle after being OC'd and my GPU's each at 36c OC'd.

I have bought two LQ systems so far, and have seen what NOT to do. For a good LQ setup, go with a 3/8"(10mm) ID system at least. 1/4"(6mm) just doesn't cut it. Make sure your water pump is good too! Not enough power to pump the water will lead to very little heat dissipation! Careful! Too much will cause the same problem. And NEVER use tap water! Use distilled water for your LQ systems, WITH some form of coolant made for computers! Car anti-freeze will damage things, and possibly eat through the parts and cause leaks.

For the links for a cheap/quick/easy setup:

120mm Radiator $30 (+5 S/H)

Thermaltake Bigwater 760i $149.99 ($9 S/H) One of the best(for the price) LQ systems out there! Comes with plenty of 3/8" tube as well!

Anti-freeze/coolent $15 ($6 S/H) I found this to be one of the better coolants out there, doesn't damage any parts and keeps it clean.

90 degree G1/4 3/8" nozzles $16 ($9 S/H)
Straight G1/4 3/8" nozzles $16 ($9 S/H)

Only thing left is to buy the waterblocks of your choice for what other parts you are wanting to hook up. GPU, northbridge, southbridge, etc. This is a very good, long lasting, setup. Hope that any that are thinking of LQ their computers find this useful.
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Liquid Cooling: Quick and easy setup.
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